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Drafting and Design

Learn Fusion 360 in 30 Days!

Presented by Illinois Design Educators Association






Kevin Kennedy, Product Design Online

Kevin Kennedy is a Product Designer based in Seattle, WA. He's on a mission to make CAD education more accessible. In his spare time, he runs the "Product Design Online" YouTube channel and website - where you can get free Fusion 360 tutorials and learning resources. 


He grew up in Illinois and studied Industrial Design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Throughout school, he started teaching Fusion 360 to community members and non-design students. He was inspired to post tutorials online after seeing "non-designers" utilize 3D-printing and other technologies dependent on 3D modeling.



Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 in 30 Days for Complete Beginners!

In this tutorial series, Kevin walks you through the foundational knowledge needed to navigate and start 3D modeling in Fusion 360, using real-world objects as examples! Fusion 360 offers a free license for students and hobbyists, making it the perfect CAD software for 3D Printing, Woodworking, and other design projects. Start creating objects one day at a time and be amazed at how fast you can learn to 3D Model your designs.


Link to free series:

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