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KEYNOTE: VR at Caterpillar Inc

Andy Grabenstetter: CSE Software Inc., Peoria, Illinois



Director of Software Development


Grabenstetter is heavily involved with the oversight of the simulation and enterprise development teams. In addition, he has responsibility for many management aspects of the projects, as well as meeting deadlines and working with customers to ensure the project quality.

Over the last 15 years, Grabenstetter has been involved in numerous departments from Quality Assurance to Project Management to Development. His vast experience has allowed him to witness the technology boom from the early personal computers to the current tethered and standalone headsets for VR/AR. Integrating training and technology has been a focus at CSE over the years.  By identifying best practices, gathering customer feedback, and immersing the teams in technology, CSE helps to better identify solutions for client’s training needs using the current offerings in the technical landscape.

Prior to CSE, Grabenstetter spent 5 years at Caterpillar as the Lead Test Engineer for Machine/Engine Technician software and hardware applications. He was responsible for software and hardware validation script generation and review for each major release cycle (bi-annual).  He also gained an understanding of basic machine/engine operation as well as the importance of having accurate and precise diagnostic tools and software to maintain the machines and engines. Grabenstetter holds an Associates of Math, Science and Engineering from Illinois Central College.


•AR/VR Hardware:

  1. •Oculus – Quest 2 (VR) -

  2. •HTC – Vive (VR) -

  3. •Microsoft – Hololens2 (AR) -

•Gaming Engines:

  1. •Unity -

  2. •Unity MARS -

  3. •Unreal -

•Development  Languages:

  1. •C# - Information on C#

  2. •Python -

  3. •C/C++ - Information on C/C++

•AR/VR Technologies:

  1. •ARKit –

  2. •ARCore -

  3. •OpenXR -

  4. •ARFoundation -

•Cloud Technologies:

  1. •(Microsoft) Azure -

  2. •(Amazon) AWS -


  1. •RaspberryPi -

  2. Arduino -

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