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Engineering Design

Marble Maze Engineering Design Challenge for Remote Learning




Chris Komer, Carl Sandburg High School



The challenges of virtual teaching and learning have made it difficult for CTE teachers to provide a normal classroom environment and curriculum for our students.  Projects, lessons, and instruction techniques have all needed some type of modification to this new world of remote and hybrid teaching that we all currently face.  One particular project I had success with this semester was the marble maze engineering design challenge.  It has been modified to be completed by students at home in a fully remote or hybrid environment.  Students will use common household items and no technology or software is required to complete the project.  Students will learn valuable engineering design and problem solving skills after completing this design challenge and also have fun in the process. 


Session Documents: 

Marble Maze Activity (PDF)


(pictures are from previous school year but give a good idea of how the project works)


Also feel free to check out my Twitter page and also my colleague Mrs. DiOrio for videos of student marble mazes in action!







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