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Manufacturing, Product Design, Invention, Technology for Elearning


Product Design and Invention for At-Home and In-Person Classrooms








Kurt Wolter

A 2-3 week activity for invention and product design to be done in at-home or in-person learning situations. Students brainstorm ideas, interview people, refine their ideas, create a technical sketch, and build a prototype of their invention. 


It's not perfect, but it's a good start, and can be modified and improved. But the basics of the lesson are here and you will be provided with electronic file resources to teach this lesson with students who have YouTube access, and can annotate PDF files.


Contents for Online ITEC


Session Video: 

ITEC YouTube Presentation...

Session Slide Presentation: 

ITEC Slide Presentation...

Session Documents:

#1- Invention At Home Days 1-5... (Hand outs for students:)

#2 - Invention and Product Design YouTubePlaylist... (Videos to be used with lesson to be shown to students)


Kurt Wolter

Rochelle Township High School

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