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Benefits of SEL

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Five Components of Comprehensive Social and Emotional Learning 


• Self-Awareness (identifying emotions, self-confidence, self-efficacy)

• Self-Management (impulse control, stress management, self-discipline, motivation, goal setting, organizational skills) 

• Social-Awareness (perspective taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, respect for others)

• Relationship Skills (communication, social engagement, relationships, cooperation, resolving conflicts, seeking help or helping) 

• Responsible Decision Making (problem solving skills, ethical responsibility) 

Illinois Standards for Social and Emotional Learning (Adopted 2004) 


  • Develop self-awareness and self management skills to achieve school and life success 

  • Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships 

  • Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts 



Session Documents:

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