2020 TEECA Midwest Regional Information:

All TEECA related items are located at the following link:  


1) The contest manual is in the link above.  The topics for the Teaching Lesson and Display Contest are included.  Both are of “immediate” value to your students, so please consider participating in those two events.


2) I will forward the Communication, Problem Solving, and Transportation packets by 8:00 CST on Thursday, November 5th.  That way students have a longer than normal period to prepare their solutions (devices, media, etc.).  Note: This if this as the sealed packets you normally get, with the challenge and blank forms.


3) I will require that Display Contest entries be submitted to me by 8:00 AM CST on Friday, November 6th.  Those images will be posted to a special URL for all to see; the website address will be publicized during the Illinois conference events that day.


4) The Teaching Lesson has been scheduled for the early afternoon slot of the Illinois conference for several years, and it will stay there.  In that we have a virtual conference this fall, the lesson will involve a virtual lesson with several judges (on-line, of course) serving as the students.


5) At 5:00 PM CST that same Friday, about when we used to conduct the Tech Bowl, we will publicize a video link so teams can showcase their completed Problem Solving and Transportation entries.  Paperwork will be collected at that same time, to share with the judges.  Note: Per the request of several advisors, this has been moved forward from the traditional Saturday morning slot.


6) Four events will be done by Friday evening, all except the Communication Contest; that media and the paperwork will be due by 9:00 AM CST on Saturday, November 7th.  Note: While schools are working on the communication activity, our judges will be busy Friday evening evaluating the materials submitted for all other events.


7) The 2020 TEECA Midwest Awards presentation will be held virtually at 9:00 AM on Saturday, November 7th.  As noted above, the communication videos will be showed at that time but judging will not be completed for that lone event.  All other competition results will be announced.  Note: Championship plaques and certificates will be mailed to each chapter on Monday, November 9th (as all events are completed).