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VEX CLAWBOT PROJECTS (5 Projects for STEM Classes) 



Gary Cotie and Don Whitman 




  1. Overview of Legacy VEX EDR System (Cortex not V5) Clawbot Kit

  2. Explanation of RobotC Software and the difference between Natural Language (NL) and PLTW Natural Language (PLTW NL) included with RobotC from Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

  3. Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Curriculum for Teachers Video Lessons and Reference Documents Preview 

  4. VEX EDR Curriculum for Teachers Preview 

  5. VEX EDR Project Progression Overview (5 Projects)

    1. Open Loop Right Turn Bot Project

    2. Closed Loop Line Follower Bot Project (1 and 3 sensors) 

    3. Closed Loop Sonar Bot Project

    4. Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Clawbot Project

    5. Autodesk Inventor ROV Design Challenge Project  

Session Video:


Session Document:



Project #1 - Right Turn Bot Project:


Project #2 - Line Follower Bot Project: 


Project #3 - Sonar Bot Project:


Project #4 - Claw Bot Project:


Project #5 - VEX Clawbot Inventor Project:


RobotC Software:


VEX Robot Curriculum:


Gary Gotie:

Don Whitman:

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