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Vex Robotics

VEX Line Tracker and DeBug Stream Messages






Gary Cotie

This video discusses the use of the Line Tracker sensor for VEX. The video supplies a demonstration of how the sensor values could be displayed to help make design decisions based on values read from the sensor in an active mode. DEBUG Stream messages are the tool used to display the analog sensor values.

Another issues discussed in this video is how to use this method when you have equipment issues like not enough sensors and motors for students to build up a testbed. Instead a group focuses on a sensor or a motor and build a small testbed for that one item. They develop code for it and do a live demonstration of the device. Along with the demonstration a small project board is created with pictures and code with the students names on the poster. These are hung throughout the room so when they build a project if they have questions they can see which group presented that part and ask them for help. 


Great team builder.  



Video #1:

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